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Herbicide Industry Information

Everything You Need To Know about Surfactant for Herbicides
This article introduces in detail what surfactant for herbicides is, what is the standard for measuring good surfactant for herbicides, information about non ionic surfactant for herbicides, and How to make surfactant for herbicides, the cost of surfactant for herbicides, hope to help herbicide manufacturers, distributors and final consumers. Content table 1. what is a surfactant for herbicides ? what is non ionic surfactant for herbicides 2. what is a good surfactant for herbicides ? 3. how to make surfactant for herbicides? How do you make non ionic surfactant for herbicides ? how to improve the effect after adding surfactant to compounded herbicides? 4. how much surfactant for herbicides? 5. where to buy surfactant for herbicides?
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Secrets of Effective Herbicide Adjuvant Solutions Revealed
Secrets of Effective Herbicide Adjuvant Solutions RevealedAs a professional manufacturer of herbicide adjuvant, Nanjing GM Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in formulating herbicide adjuvant solutions for herbicides, assisting herbicide preparation manufacturers to produce more efficient and affordab
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Common knowledge about Glyphosate surfactant
Glyphosate with surfactants, sprayed on weeds, can better adhere to the surface of weeds, so that glyphosate can stay on the surface of leaves for a long enough time to be absorbed by weeds, reduce the bouncing and slipping of the liquid medicine on the leaves during application, and increase the penetration rate and the lethality of glyphosate. Glyphosate surfactants also reduce the entry of glyphosate into the soil, which not only saves the cost of using glyphosate, but also better protects the soil, making it more environmentally friendly and effective.
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What is herbicide surfactant?
Herbicide surfactant is a chemical additive that acts as a role of herbicide wetting agent. When producing herbicide formulations, adding a certain proportion of herbicides and herbicide adjuvants can make the herbicide solution better adhere to the plant surface and help destroy the plant's resistance to absorbing the chemical substances applied to it.
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China supports research on GM crops to boost glyphosate demand
glyphosate is often mixed with MCPA, 2,4-D, Glufosinate-ammonium, dicamba, etc. so that to solve the resistance or increase the efficacy. Because the physicochemical properties of different herbicide, the stability of its compound formulation is much less than that of glyphosate single formulation. Therefore, the related compound of glyphosate should first solve the problem of formulation stability, and then improve the efficiency so as to maximize the performance of the two compound herbicide. Some formulations of glyphosate and its compound are as follows. Please contact us if you need relevant additives, formulation development or technical support.
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The demand increment of dicamba has increased year by year
The stability of dicamba complexed formulation is slightly worse than that of single formulation, which needs to be optimized in the use of adjuvants; For the mixture of dicamba and 2,4-D, due to the compatibility of different herbicides, we need to pay attention to the adaptability of adjuvants to prevent the occurrence of heat storage precipitation in the complexed formulation. Part of compound formulations of dicamba are as follows. If you need relevant additives, formulation development or technical support, please contact us.
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