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Professional solutions for herbicide formulations

There are so many types of herbicides. We provide conventional herbicide synergist solutions, and we can also customize herbicide synergists according to customer needs. For example, some compound herbicides require corresponding herbicide synergists to increase weed control. The stability and effectiveness of the agent product.

Professional efficiency enhancement plan

Each herbicide has a different herbicidal mechanism, so the synergistic mechanisms applicable to them are also different. Even for the same herbicide product, customers have different budgets for efficiency enhancement, so we will provide targeted herbicide efficiency enhancement plans based on each customer's requirements. For example, in terms of glufosinate-ammonium efficacy enhancement, we have enhancement programs that are comparable to internationally renowned brands, as well as conventional enhancement programs with extremely high cost performance. This difference in cost performance is enough to make your product stand out in the fierce market competition.

Professional dosage form stability solution

Storage stability plan

Storage stability plan: The stability of conventional dosage forms is generally relatively easy to control. However, for some compounded herbicide preparations, because the physical and chemical properties of different original drugs are very different, they are compounded together. The compounded dosage form is stable in the dosage form. It is much less effective than a single agent, such as the combination of glyphosate with 2,4-D, 2-methyl-4-chloride, dicamba, glufosinate, etc., and the combination of aclopyridine with 2,4-D, dichloropyridine. The stability of the compound formulation of acids is much more difficult than that of a single agent. If the dosage form is not well designed, low-temperature crystallization or high-temperature stratification may easily occur, resulting in unqualified products.We have detailed solutions to common problems with these dosage forms to ensure you have worry-free production.

Dilution stability program

Dilution stability program: Our customers have encountered situations where the dilution stability of 2,4-D aqueous solution and 2,4-D and glyphosate potassium salt was not acceptable when used in a tank mix. When applying the pesticide, dilute it to the usage multiple and if it is not used within 1 hour, needle-like crystals will appear, causing the effective substance to precipitate and even block the nozzle. At this time, it is particularly important to solve the problem of dilution stability. We have specially studied tank-mix additives suitable for 2,4-D aqueous agent and 2,4-D and glyphosate potassium salt, and solved the problem of related dosage forms. Dilution stability issues.

Preparation color problem

We provide customers with professional preparation and color matching services. As long as you give us standard samples or photos of standard color cards, we can recommend corresponding pigment usage plans to customers;
Some customers have also experienced the problem of discoloration of preparations during storage, especially customers in tropical areas. Due to higher temperatures, fading, darker colors, such as yellow to brown, blue to green, etc., we will also have Targeted solutions.
We can provide some solutions to customers free of charge, and our services can drive in-depth cooperation between both parties. For customers who purchase our company's herbicide synergists, we will provide free usage instructions and production guidance. If there are some problems encountered during the production of herbicide preparations, we can remotely assist in solving problems or provide on-site guidance.
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