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Manufacturing Process of 74.7% Glyphosate Water Soluble Granule (WSG/SG)
Manufacturing Process of 74.7% Glyphosate Water Soluble Granule (WSG/SG)1. Proportion of Raw materialCompositionKg/T (calculated based on the output of 1T SG)Glyphosate TC(95%)714.5Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate(96%)330Ammonium Sulfate157.3Adjuvant for Glyphosate SG60water content≤0.5% 2. Manufacturing
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480g/L Glyphosate-isopropylammonium Salt SL
480g/L Glyphosate-isopropylammonium Salt SL 1.Proportion of Raw materialCompositionKg/KLGlyphosate TC(95%)374.5Isopropylamine(70%)205Adjuvant S305150Water485.5Defoamerappropriate amountColourantappropriate amountPH:4.7-5.0Density:1.172. Manufacturing Process① Charging: First put the water into the r
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The most common formulation of glyphosate SL is 480g/L glyphosate isopropylamine salt SL, which contains about 30.5% glyphosate acid or 41% glyphosate isopropylamine salt. The most popular color of this formulation is red.The routine indicators of glyphosate 480g/L SL are as follows:480G/L GLYPHOSAT
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608g/L glyhposate low foaming SL
608g/L glyhposate low foaming SL608g/L glyphosate SL is generally a low foaming preparation made of glyphosate dimethyl amine salt. The common adjuvants are formed of fatty amine polyether type surfactant. The preparation made of this type of adjuvants have low foaming property. The routine indicato
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