What is herbicide surfactant?

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When using herbicides to open up land, in order to get rid of all the weeds, spray herbicides such as glyphosate and glufosinate directly on the plants, the herbicides may not be able to adhere to the plants according to your desired effect , Most of the herbicide solution is directly lost, so that the weeding effect cannot be achieved. At this time, adding a surfactant to the herbicide solution and mixing it can achieve the desired effect.

Herbicide surfactant is a chemical additive that acts as a role of herbicide wetting agent. When producing herbicide formulations, adding a certain proportion of herbicides and herbicide adjuvants can make the herbicide solution better adhere to the plant surface and help destroy the plant's resistance to absorbing the chemical substances applied to it.

Herbicide surfactant, breaks the surface tension of herbicides and leaves, thus increasing the effectiveness of all herbicides. This allows selected herbicides to remain on the leaf surface long enough to be absorbed by weeds, exponentially increasing the herbicide kill and reducing the chance of solution loss and affecting desired plants.

How do you combine increased productivity with the ambition to do more with less? This tough challenge can be met with optimized adjuvants. Adjuvants play an important part in improving efficiency and reducing loss of crop-protection agents in the field.

Agrochemical formulations are often complex mixtures with multiple modes of action. Whether a solid or liquid formulation, it is crucial to use adjuvants/surfactants to obtain a stable formula and improve the use efficiency of preparations, which enable sustainable and stable formulation developments.

We provide you with an instant solution for the use of adjuvants/surfactant to meet your different formula requirements. You can depend on our adjuvants/surfactant to improve the performance of your formulation for reliable weeding efficiency in the harshest to the mildest environments.

Our adjuvants/surfactants include anionic, non-ionic, zwitterionic and many other types,which are the original workhorse ingredients for the formulator. Familiar benefits such as wetting, foaming, surface tension reduction and excellent dispersancy make our adjuvants/surfactants a cost-effective choice to enhance formulation performance in numerous applications and end markets.

In addition, exceptional acid and base stability, excellent persistent foaming property,hard water tolerance and high temperature stability enable our adjuvants/surfactants to deliver outstanding results in the harshest environments where other classes of surfactant struggle to perform.

Partner with us to gain access to a wide range of adjuvants, dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and solvents to help take your crop protection portfolio to the next level.

We have a tradition of offering best-in-class, most cost-effective, also the most timely formulation aids and adjuvants/surfactants.

We offer the unique formulation expertise, complete portfolio of proven solutions and superior supply chain to meet seasonal crop protection demand. Partner with us to work together for a sustainable future, while boosting productivity and yields.

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