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The demand increment of dicamba has increased year by year

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The main application of dicamba can be divided into traditional field and transgenic field. In the traditional field, the demand for dicamba is concentrated on gramineous plants, and the increase in demand benefits from the elimination of highly toxic pesticides, such as paraquat; In the field of transgenic, the demand for dicamba mainly comes from the promotion of dicamba resistant crop seeds (mainly soybeans, corn, cotton, etc.), especially the double transgenic soybeans and cotton seeds that are resistant to dicamba and glyphosate have been able to be planted. For this reason, the United States Environmental agency approved the use of the low volatility mixed preparation of dicamba and glyphosate in the field in 2016. This approval opened the mixed preparation of dicamba and glyphosate. The potential growth space of dicamba has been opened. As a mixed formulation with glyphosate, dicamba can kill glyphosate resistant weeds caused by long-term use of single glyphosate, becoming one of the main methods to solve glyphosate resistance, greatly improving the weed control effect.

The United States, Brazil, Canada and other places have widely promoted the planting and sales of dicamba resistant transgenic crops in the local areas. From 2012 to 2018, with the promotion of dicamba resistant crop seeds, the compound annual growth rate of dicamba sales reached 9%; In the planting season of 2021, Bayer's third-generation transgenic soybean Intacta 2 XTend was listed in Brazil, marking that Brazil officially began to plant dicamba resistant transgenic crops. With the promotion of dicamba resistant transgenic seeds in Brazil, it is believed that it will promote the broad sales prospects of dicamba products in Brazil.

Taking the advantage of transgenic, the sales of dicamba has increased year by year, and the research on its related formulation has also shown an upward trend. Dicamba complexed formulation can increase the control effect and expand the weed killing spectrum. With the in-depth research and other international giants against dicamba biotechnology, some other companies' continuous development of dicamba complexed herbicides, dicamba has a broad market prospect.

The stability of dicamba complexed formulation is slightly worse than that of single formulation, which needs to be optimized in the use of adjuvants; For the mixture of dicamba and 2,4-D, due to the compatibility of different herbicides, we need to pay attention to the adaptability of adjuvants to prevent the occurrence of heat storage precipitation in the complexed formulation.

Part of compound formulations of dicamba are as follows. If you need relevant additives, formulation development or technical support, please contact GMAC.







Acid Equivalents,It can be formed into  dimethylamine salt


Acid Equivalents,It can be formed into ammonium salt, dimethylamine salt


Acid Equivalents,It can be formed into ammonium salt, dimethylamine salt and isopropylamine salt


IPA salt Equivalents



Acid Equivalents


Dimethylamine salt Equivalents


Acid Equivalents



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