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Common knowledge about Glyphosate surfactant

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What is glyphosate and why is it so controversial?

Glyphosate, whose chemical name is N-(phosphomethyl)glycine, and whose chemical formulation is C3H8NO5P, is an organic phosphine herbicide and a systemic conduction type broad-spectrum herbicide.

Glyphosate has a 40-year long-term safe use record and has been used in more than 160 countries around the world. Through extensive toxicological tests, a total of more than 300 independent toxicological studies have been conducted worldwide, and more than 800 scientific studies have been conducted worldwide so far. Studies have reached a consistent conclusion: glyphosate does not cause cancer. However, improving the use rates of glyphosate, reducing glyphosate inflow into the soil and causing harm to the environment, how to spray glyphosate more safely, and reducing the impact of glyphosate on human skin are still urgent needs and continuous Important issues for the improved agrochemical industry.

Does glyphosate need a surfactant?

Some glyphosate products do not contain surfactants. If they are used directly, a lot of glyphosate will be wasted when sprayed on weeds.

Glyphosate with surfactants, sprayed on weeds, can better adhere to the surface of weeds, so that glyphosate can stay on the surface of leaves for a long enough time to be absorbed by weeds, reduce the bouncing and slipping of the liquid medicine on the leaves during application, and increase the penetration rate and the lethality of glyphosate. Glyphosate surfactants also reduce the entry of glyphosate into the soil, which not only saves the cost of using glyphosate, but also better protects the soil, making it more environmentally friendly and effective.

How can I make glyphosate work better?

Application of glyphosate in low water volumes improves its activity. When spraying large weeds or dense weed canopies and when mixing with contact type herbicides, higher spray volumes usually improves glyphosate active ingredient.

Advantages of GM glyphosate surfactant

1. Excellent wetting and penetration properties of GM glyphosate surfactant .

Since glyphosate mainly relies on systemic conduction to control the growth of weeds to achieve the purpose of weeding, glyphosate surfactant should have excellent wetting and penetrating properties. Only in this way can the glyphosate liquid on the leaves fully penetrate into the plant and be absorbed by it.

Wetting performance means that the sprayed medicinal liquid stays on the leaf surface to the greatest extent, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent medicinal effect. Penetration performance means that in a state of suitable humidity, the medicinal solution penetrates into the plant as soon as possible to exert its medicinal effect, allowing more glyphosate medicinal solution to attach to the leaves of the plant, reducing the loss of the medicinal solution into the soil, and allowing Glyphosate is fully penetrated into the plant body, promotes the absorption of it by plants, maximizes the effect of glyphosate, and achieves the purpose of weed control. The GM glyphosate adjuvants not not only improves the use effect of glyphosate herbicides, but also saves costs, and at the same time plays a role in environmental protection to a certain extent.

2. Remarkable stability of GM glyphosate surfactant.

The GM glyphosate surfactant is added to different glyphosate dosage forms to form preparations with different effects, which play a very important role in the stability of the preparations. First, it has strong salt tolerance, which keeps the preparation in a stable state and will not cause the preparation to stratify. Second, the thermal storage is strong. In the state of high temperature, generally 54 degrees Celsius, the GM glyphosate surfactant plays a stabilizing role, and the preparation will not be stratified due to temperature changes. Third, long-lasting foaming. Since the glyphosate preparation is in a liquid state, foam will be generated when the liquid shakes during production and transportation. The GM glyphosate surfactant here plays a role in inhibiting the foam from becoming larger and more numerous. Fourth, weather resistance. Glyphosate preparations added with GM surfactant have stronger weather resistance when subjected to climate tests such as light, cold and heat, and will not change color due to external influences. , to ensure the stability of the preparation state.

3. More friendly to the environment of GM glyphosate surfactant.

Under the background of banning and restricting tallow amine and nonylphenol in various countries in the world, we have developed a new type of environmental protection glyphosate surfactant without tallow amine. It has excellent wetting and penetration properties. When the addition amount is higher than 15%, Its efficacy is comparable to that of internationally renowned glyphosate brands, and its use cost is far lower than that of tallow amine additives, which is extremely cost-effective.

At GM Technology Company, our surfactant for herbicides experts have accumulated 7 years of rich experience, achieved success in China, and are recognized as leaders in the surfactant for herbicides industry in China. Our dedicated and united team of surfactant for herbicides experts has been focusing on and prioritizing the goal: to provide innovative environmental solutions for surfactant for herbicides and process technology research and development for the agrochemical industry. We hope to go all out to take our responsibility for the global environmental protection cause and make agriculture more healthy and sustainable.

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