Anionic surfactant

Anionic surfactant

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Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate of  Anion Surfactant  adopts excellent branched chain or Linear Chain dodecylbenzene sulpfonate for neutralization.

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Anionic surfactant

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Calcium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate

Anhydrous calcium salt is one of the characteristic products of our company, which adopts excellent branched chain or Linear Chain dodecylbenzene sulpfonate for neutralization. Through several layers of absorption and pressure filtration, firstly, remove inorganic salt content and impurities from calcium salt, and then after standing treatment, adopt tower type distilled dealcoholizing and dewatering replacement technology, dewater to below 0.5% or 1.0% according to different contents of calcium salt. The products are limpid and transparent,no lamination, no floccules, wide formulating range,and high performance and price ratio.

Name Appearance Moisture(%)≤ PH1%aq Content(%) Type Solvent
505# Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 0.5 5.0-7.0 50±2 BranchedChain Solvent Oil or
70C Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 0.5 5.0-7.0 70±2 BranchedChain  Isobutyl Alcohol
500#-70 Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 7 5.0-7.0 70±2 BranchedChain  Methanol
500#-60 Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 7 5.0-7.0 60±2  BranchedChain  Methanol
70 Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 1 5.0-7.0 70±2  BranchedChain  N-butyl Alcohol
60BE Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 0.5 5.0-7.0 58~61  BranchedChain Isooctanol
70B Light BrownTransparent Thick Liquid 1 5.0-7.0 70±2  BranchedChain  Isobutyl Alcohol


Alkyl  Phenol  Formaldehyde  Resin

Polyoxyethylene  Alkyl   Ether   Sulfonate(SOPA)

Alkyl  phenol  formaldehyde  resin  polyoxyethylene alkyl ether sulfonate (SOPA) is a kind of anion wetting dispersant  with  good  performance,  applicable  for wettable powder, water dispersible granule, aqua, and Colloidal suspension agent, etc., which can improve the dispersing and wetting performance of pesticides, increase the suspension rate of wettable powder and Water dispersible granule, and improve the spreadabilty of aqua to crops.


Phosphorylated Products of Non-ion Surfactant

It includes alkyl polyoxyethylene ether phosphate (NP10P,NP4P,etc.), 600# series  phosphorylated products(601P,603P,etc.), and other phosphorylated products of ethoxylated non-ion outcomes,etc.

Phosphorylated products made with our company's special technology have high  acetification rate, low free acid content, and limpid and transparent appearance, showing fine performance of surfactant with unique effect in processing pesticide emulsifiable concentrate, emulsion in water, and suspending concentrate,etc.


Non-ion Surfactant Salt  Aminosulfonate Product:

This product includes 600# series salt aminosulfonate(600-S), 400# series salt aminosulfonate(400-S), and series of salt aminosulfonate(AEO-S). We can also  provide corresponding salt aminosulfonate products according to the demand of clients. This kind of products can be applicated for aqueous pesticide agents and emulsifiable concentrates, with good emulsibility, dispersity and viscosity.


Sodium polycarboxylate

It is anionic sodium polycarboxylate dispersant, which is consisted of a long   carbon chain hydrophobic group and carboxylic acid sodium hydrophilic group polymer block polymers. When used for WDG, the hydrophobic long carbon chain can adsorpt the original TC particles stabilized, while carboxyl groups have negative  charge repulsion effect to make particles in water rapidly disintegrating into cloudy, at the same time can prevent the subsidence of the original pesticide particles reunion and make the products to obtain a stable suspension performance.

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  • 1, Excellent wetting and penetration properties of GM surfactant for herbicides.

    2, Remarkable stability of GM  surfactant for herbicides.

    3, More friendly to the environment of GM surfactant for herbicides.

    4, satisfactory price

    5, Provide customized services

    1, Packed in plastic drum, net content 200kg/drum.

    2, Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. The shelf life is two years. After two years, it can still be used if it is confirmed to be qualified by the test.

    3, Ship as a non-hazardous chemical.

    product sample, about 1KG
    200L package 
    plastic barrel packaging, about 200L
    Ton packaging, about 1000L 

    1. First, the customer introduces which herbicide adjuvant is needed and what specific requirements are there. We will provide you with free samples according to these requirements, and the customers pay for the transportation costs and customs clearance costs of the samples.

    2. After the customer gets the sample, we will provide the specific instructions for the use of the adjuvant to help guide the customer to use the adjuvant together to make herbicide preparations. how much surfactant to use with glyphosate? Our technical experts will explain to you in detail.

    3. After the customer is satisfied with the effect of testing the adjuvant, the order can be placed according to the actual situation.

    How much is the GM glyphosate surfactant ?

    I look forward to your consultation with me by email or Whats app.

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