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Nanjing GM Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in the development and application of pesticide adjuvant, providing many products of pesticide adjuvant and technical services. Our company has several formulation engineers, plant protection engineers and analytical engineers who are engaged in the research, development and application of pesticide adjuvant, focusing on the development and formulation design of herbicide adjuvants and insecticide adjuvants to reduce costs and increase efficacy for customers. Our company has high-efficiency and environment-friendly pesticide adjuvant suitable for different regions on the herbicides glyphosate, glufosinate, paraquat, diquat and other varieties.

Nanjing GM Technology Co., Ltd. has  a variety of adjuvants for herbicide compound formulations, such as glyphosate and glufosinate, glyphosate and dicamba, glyphosate and 2,4D, amlidine and 2,4D . Below is a table of common dosage forms. Nanjing GM Technology Co., Ltd. can do free formulation development work according to your needs, and adapt efficient pesticide adjuvant for you. Taking SL as an example, if you have a factory, you can easily purchase the corresponding technical ingredients, additives and other excipients for domestic production. We can provide you with the production process of the corresponding dosage form and you can reduce the cost of production.Because the water content of various raw materials is very high, at least half of the preparation in each container is water, and the effective substance accounts for a small proportion in the finished preparation. The active ingredients such as additives only account for 20~30%, and the other ingredients are water, which increases the transportation cost. We can provide you with effective ways to reduce costs.

Our adjuvants/surfactants include anionic, non-ionic, zwitterionic and many other types,which are the original workhorse ingredients for the formulator. Familiar benefits such as wetting, foaming, surface tension reduction and excellent dispersancy make our adjuvants/surfactants a cost-effective choice to enhance formulation performance in numerous applications and end markets.

 In addition, exceptional acid and base stability, excellent persistent foaming property,hard water tolerance and high temperature stability enable our adjuvants/surfactants to deliver outstanding results in the harshest environments where other classes of surfactant struggle to perform.

As a leading surfactant for herbicides supplier in China, we hope to develop deeper and wider cooperation on a global scale to help manufacturers in the global agrochemical industry develop more efficient and environmentally friendly surfactant products.

Our surfactant for herbicides production capacity occupies an important position in China. Our team is here to offer more than technology, but the turn-key project consulting service, from pre-sales to training and development of the production team.

Nanjing GM Technology Co., Ltd. provides efficient and environmentally friendly pesticide adjuvant. You are welcome to consult.

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