Surfactant for Triclopyr AS/SL

Surfactant for Triclopyr AS/SL

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GM surfactant for herbicides of Triclopyr can solve the problem that triclopyr formulations and triclopyr-related compound formulations do not freeze at low temperatures and do not change color at high temperatures. 

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Advantages of GM surfactant for herbicides

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Surfactant for Triclopyr AS/SL

Surfactant for Triclopyr were generally composed of non-ionic or zwitterionic ions surfactant, which can be applied to all formulation of triclopyr single formulation. This type of Surfactant for Triclopyr can maintain high preparation stability and have good weed control performance. Among the complexed surfactant, glyphosate + triclopyr microemulsion(ME) additives are more cost-effective. Glyphosate can be made into ammonium salt compound,and almost no solvent is used in the formulation, which is very safe and environmental friendly.

Common formulations of triclopyr are shown in the table below, if the formulation are not listed in the table, welcome to consult and develop together.






Acid Equivalents. Triethylamine salt equivalents 45%


Acid Equivalents. Triethylamine salt equivalents 56%


Acid Equivalents. Triethylamine salt equivalents 61%



Acid Equivalents. Formed Triethylamine salt
Acid Equivalents. MEGlyphosate Ammonium salt + Trichloropyrbutoxy ethyl ester


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  • 1, Excellent wetting and penetration properties of GM surfactant for herbicides.

    2, Remarkable stability of GM  surfactant for herbicides.

    3, More friendly to the environment of GM surfactant for herbicides.

    4, satisfactory price

    5, Provide customized services

    1, Packed in plastic drum, net content 200kg/drum.

    2, Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. The shelf life is two years. After two years, it can still be used if it is confirmed to be qualified by the test.

    3, Ship as a non-hazardous chemical.

    product sample, about 1KG
    200L package 
    plastic barrel packaging, about 200L
    Ton packaging, about 1000L 

    1. First, the customer introduces which herbicide adjuvant is needed and what specific requirements are there. We will provide you with free samples according to these requirements, and the customers pay for the transportation costs and customs clearance costs of the samples.

    2. After the customer gets the sample, we will provide the specific instructions for the use of the adjuvant to help guide the customer to use the adjuvant together to make herbicide preparations. how much surfactant to use with glyphosate? Our technical experts will explain to you in detail.

    3. After the customer is satisfied with the effect of testing the adjuvant, the order can be placed according to the actual situation.

    How much is the GM glyphosate surfactant ?

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    Jenny Ren

    Whatsapp: +86 15895899905

    Email:         jenny.ren@surfactantexpert.com

    Wechat:     jennyexpert

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